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Digital Literacy Modules

Hands on training would be given to the participants.The duration of the training is 2 days.This project is part of the consultancy programmme offered by the library.The total fees for the two day training is two thousand rupees(2000/-).

Module 1

Academic communication in the digital environment: new perspectives

  • Academic plagiarism

  • Plagiarism

  • Recent headlines on plagiarism
  • Forms of plagiarism
  • Note taking-(summary,paraphrase,quotation)
  • Note-taking-caveman style
  • Activity session-find plagiarism from the given newsitems
  • Detecting plagiarism in articles/writeups
  • Plagiarism detection softwares-overview
  • Article generators-scigen

Module 2

Bibliographic reference management software

  • Reference management using MS word-2007,bib me,myendnote web
  • Mendeley,zotero etc

Module 3

Collaboration tools for academic community

  • Google docs

  • Delicious
  • Dropbox
  • Overview of academic networks:
  • Knimbus,academia.Edu,mynetresearch, coursecracker, researchgate,nature network,epernicus network,geazle etc
  • Resources for academic community
  • Google books
  • Freebooks-freebookspot,library genesis,world public library etc
  • Online thesis archives
  • Open access repositories

    Module 4

    Searching and researching on the world wide web: an advanced approach

  • Effective use of social networks for academic communication
  • Personal web sites and self promotion
  • Publication of scholarly output in www outlets
  • Curation and sharing of content
  • Effective use of discussion forums
  • Academic blogging
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